Who could’ve thought that Jessica and Jose will end up marrying each other? Jose is a quirky type of guy; the kind of person who tells jokes and makes you laugh and snore at the same time.

Jessica, on the other hand, is somewhat opposite to Jose. She is more of a composed typed of girl. Jessica is a kind-hearted person, gentle, graceful and whose heart has a part for kids.

Despite their different personalities, they have learned to accept these differences along their journey and found out their common denominator – LOVE.

Their wedding ceremony was held at the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens in Los Angeles, California. It was filled with orange pastel-colored flowers and surrounded by the green scenery of the garden venue.

Jose was manly in his sleek black suit and Jessica looked young, radiant and beautiful as she walks down the aisle wearing a vibrant white lacey sheath wedding dress. They both looked perfectly matched for each other as they held hands.

Under the bright and sunny daylight in a Californian breeze, the couple joyfully kissed when the words “you may kiss the bride” was thrown in the air.

The night was crazy fun and full of cheers and laughter as all of the guests, families and friends hopped on down the dancefloor to celebrate the new chapter of Jessica and Jose’s life as husband and wife.

Sincere greetings and well-wishes were shared, and stories about love, humor and about how they witnessed the love story of Jessica and Jose were told. Love, indeed, can make things go round, it can make you love the things you thought were not your cup of tea. Because love is love; its definition may vary from one person to the next, but the feeling of being in love remains the same. And this pure love, is the reason why Jessica married Jose and Jose married Jessica.