Finding your soulmate takes a lot of time and effort. It takes a lot of taking chances; hundreds of second thoughts, thousands of risk taken, and millions of guts just to express your feelings that is deeply buried in your heart, waiting to explode anytime.

But all of this is nothing when you finally meet that person. Take it from Amy & Tim who surpassed all of those, along with patience, prayer and faith.

They started their new chapter in life as couple at The Inn at Fox Hollow located in Woodbury, New York. Love reflected on the pictures of Amy & Tim as they show chemistry every time they look on each other’s eyes.

Tim wore a black suite with a bowtie and a white rose boutonniére while Amy wore a classic white wedding gown. Simplicity and beauty is what these couples brought as they both walk together at the aisle.

The wedding hall was well lit with and the stage was designed with pillars of white roses. As a modern korean wedding, the couple did not forget to execute a smaller scale of their wedding tradition and that is to bow down to their parents. It was a joyful moment of uniting the love of Amy and Tim witnessed by their families, relatives and friends.

After the wedding ceremony, the reception went very light, euphoric and groovy as Amy dances with her father and Tim gracefully danced her mother before doing a dance with her newly-wedded wife. The reception hall was specially designed with several long tables, enough to be occupied by the families and guests.

As they enjoy the wonderful evening, the new husband and wife changed their attire into Hanboks to incorporate their Korean culture. God surely knows who to give you. And Amy & Tim is an evidence of finding true love in amidst of a long time waiting.