Taking Chances and Finding Your Soulmate

Finding your soulmate takes a lot of time and effort. It takes a lot of taking chances; hundreds of second thoughts, thousands of risk taken, and millions of guts just to express your feelings that is deeply buried in your heart, waiting to explode anytime.

But all of this is nothing when you finally meet that person. Take it from Amy & Tim who surpassed all of those, along with patience, prayer and faith.

They started their new chapter in life as couple at The Inn at Fox Hollow located in Woodbury, New York. Love reflected on the pictures of Amy & Tim as they show chemistry every time they look on each other’s eyes.

Tim wore a black suite with a bowtie and a white rose boutonniére while Amy wore a classic white wedding gown. Simplicity and beauty is what these couples brought as they both walk together at the aisle.

The wedding hall was well lit with and the stage was designed with pillars of white roses. As a modern korean wedding, the couple did not forget to execute a smaller scale of their wedding tradition and that is to bow down to their parents. It was a joyful moment of uniting the love of Amy and Tim witnessed by their families, relatives and friends.

After the wedding ceremony, the reception went very light, euphoric and groovy as Amy dances with her father and Tim gracefully danced her mother before doing a dance with her newly-wedded wife. The reception hall was specially designed with several long tables, enough to be occupied by the families and guests.

As they enjoy the wonderful evening, the new husband and wife changed their attire into Hanboks to incorporate their Korean culture. God surely knows who to give you. And Amy & Tim is an evidence of finding true love in amidst of a long time waiting.

When Quirky meets Composed

Who could’ve thought that Jessica and Jose will end up marrying each other? Jose is a quirky type of guy; the kind of person who tells jokes and makes you laugh and snore at the same time.

Jessica, on the other hand, is somewhat opposite to Jose. She is more of a composed typed of girl. Jessica is a kind-hearted person, gentle, graceful and whose heart has a part for kids.

Despite their different personalities, they have learned to accept these differences along their journey and found out their common denominator – LOVE.

Their wedding ceremony was held at the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens in Los Angeles, California. It was filled with orange pastel-colored flowers and surrounded by the green scenery of the garden venue.

Jose was manly in his sleek black suit and Jessica looked young, radiant and beautiful as she walks down the aisle wearing a vibrant white lacey sheath wedding dress. They both looked perfectly matched for each other as they held hands.

Under the bright and sunny daylight in a Californian breeze, the couple joyfully kissed when the words “you may kiss the bride” was thrown in the air.

The night was crazy fun and full of cheers and laughter as all of the guests, families and friends hopped on down the dancefloor to celebrate the new chapter of Jessica and Jose’s life as husband and wife.

Sincere greetings and well-wishes were shared, and stories about love, humor and about how they witnessed the love story of Jessica and Jose were told. Love, indeed, can make things go round, it can make you love the things you thought were not your cup of tea. Because love is love; its definition may vary from one person to the next, but the feeling of being in love remains the same. And this pure love, is the reason why Jessica married Jose and Jose married Jessica.

A Bride’s Vow

Hi Brendan,

It was like waiting for the sun to rise for the day and waiting for the first star to shine every night, that is how I am thrilled everytime you call me out for a date.

Years past and here we are, preparing as we walk towards meeting each other not in some another coffee shop or restaurant, but in journey that will settle us for a lifetime of staring at each other’s eyes.

As you were waiting there at the center of the aisle, I cannot help but to look back on the memories we shared, all those time you keep on asking me what is my favorite color, favorite flower, favorite flavor and all of those times you endlessly look at me until I finally melt.

I know that this next chapter won’t be easy, but I know with you and God as the center of our relationship everything will be in place. With our families, friends, relatives and as a witness of this momentous moment here at the Martha Clara Vineyard, I vow to love, to support, to take care of you, to pray for you until the day I die.

So thank you for accepting my family, thank you for the patience, thank you for taking a note of everything I like, for taking a note of my favorite color, favorite flower, favorite drink. Thank you for accepting my flaws and my past. Thank you for making me laugh endlessly and for always laying those beautiful eyes on me. There will be more less coffee to be shared and foot warmers because I found the warmth I am searching for in you.

My journey is not mine anymore but it is ours. I promise I will support you and will always be there whenever you need me. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Love, Danielle

Hearts that beat like a Stereo

Bethany and Glenn’s love story can be described as a love story that is magnetize by the melody and hymn of both heartbeats beating in the middle of New York.

Despite of all the noise of people talking, of beeping cars and whirlwind of different people passing by, Bethany & Glenn found each other with a connection that is bounded by the sound of music. A love story better than Bonnie and Clyde, better than Sonny and Cher.

Bethany and Glenn tied their knots and vowed their promises at the Ace Hotel located at the 20 W 29th in New York City. The wedding theme was old fashion retro style. The venue was simply designed with stacks of amplifiers with candles lit on top of them, making the venue very romantic and light for the guests. The photoshoot area has walls made out of graffiti which made their pictures unique.

As Glenn, awaits for his bride, he reminisce every beat, every song, every dancefloor they shared. And summed up into one beautiful vow, promising her to be there in every beat of ups and downs of their marriage life.

They both really showed how ecstatic they were in the pictures, may it be at downtown New York, or may it be in the streets or around their families and friends. Never minding of the people who are looking, never minding of what they are saying, because that is love, it is when you mind the person who you are holding hands with.

The reception hall was a modern twist of black and white set up, with tables covered by black table cloth and a bouquet of white roses with candles lit surrounding them. The night was filled of happiness and excitement felt for the new chapter of Bethany and Glenn husband and wife.

Wedding at the Water Club, NY

The Water Club Restaurant and Bar located at the East River in New York is one of the unique venues to have a wedding because of its beautiful aesthetics.

The indoor of the establishment gives you a relaxing vibe. It features rustic designs of wooden structures, wooden floor, crafted sailboats, modern lights and indoor plants.

The Club also has an open rooftop patterned like of a boat. From the rooftop, it gives you a view of the ocean which makes you forget that you are in the city and makes you feel like you are in a boat.

The terrace of the Water Club Restaurant offered perfect romantic aesthetics with the sea and the city as the background of each pictures; producing amazing photos of events like the wedding of Denise and Robert. It sure attracted guests to have their photoshoot there.

But more than those features, the locking of hearts and exchanging of vows of Denise and Robert are the highlights of the day.

As Roberts joyfully awaits his bride, he stands tall looking very dashing in his thick black suit. Denise alongside his dad, beautifully dressed in her white floral-laced wedding gown with her classic white rose bouquet. They are really a perfect match as they exchange vows with full excitement and love.

The reception hall was lightheartedly occupied by their closest relatives, families and friends. It was designed with moderate colors of white and brown giving an emphasis to the classic wooden interiors. Drinks were also being offered at the bar section for everyone to enjoy. The Water Club Restaurant and Bar, generously offered their best accommodation for each and everyone especially for Denise and Robert.

Then day turns to night time, from dim light to brightly lit lights, and city light across the sea, the hall became an instant romantic hall when the dance floor was romantically shared by the new husband and wife, Robert & Denise.

Astoria, a Place to Remember

Astoria, which is in the northwestern corner of the New York City borough of Queens, is such a beautiful place to hold events and have photo shoots. It is a laid-back type of neighborhood with low-rise residences, small businesses and peaceful parks.

Paper Factory Hotel are one of the famous establishments. It showcase its industrial character and stunning architecture. The walls are made of bricks, the sofa are Victorian styled, the chandelier looks like a chandelier from castles in Europe, a beautifully arranged bookshelf is right at a corner, a piano is available in place and a large mirror is attached to the wall.  Events of different sorts can take place to this marvelous hotel such as weddings, corporate meetings, private parties, movie tapings, and video and photo shoots.

Astoria Park is a picturesque place for relaxation. Because there’s lesser people in the area compared to big cities, you got to savor the moment of peace and tranquility that the ambiance of the park gives.

Less than a mile away from Astoria Park is the Astoria Center of Israel where Ilena and Josh held their wedding. It is a historic synagogue that dates back in 1925 and it can be confirmed by the paintings in the walls and ceiling. It is a closed area that makes you cherish very moment that is happening inside.

Ilena kept it simple with her cream tailor-made wedding dress, but even how simple she dresses, she blooms gorgeously. Josh surely is a perfect match for Ilena with his finely-tapered dark blue suit. But beyond their attire, their love and devotion towards each other shines the most.

As the day ends, guests and family enjoyed are gathered in an open hall to continue the celebration. The evening reception was simple but the joy is overwhelming for the joining of two hearts into one.

It’s a Filipino Wedding!

Filipinos are people who have tight bond when it comes about family relationships. Basically, they are family oriented. It’s inculcated in their culture and values. That’s why marriage is big thing for them. Take it from Beverly and Theodore.

Some people prepare their weddings for just a month or two, some even prepare for weeks, but for Filipinos, it takes lots of lots of months to prepare. They look into every single detail and make sure that everything is perfect.

Beverly’s wedding gown was custom made from the traditional Filipino baro’t saya wedding gown to a modern laced white wedding dress. Theodore wore the Filipino Barong which is the national dress of the Philippines. It is an embroidered formal shirt which is lightweight and worn untucked over an undershirt. Generally, Filipino wedding dresses are white because it symbolizes purity.

The men in the entourage also wore Filipino Barong and the women wore peach colored dresses. It is by tradition and culture that female guests are not to wear white dresses since it contests with the bride’s wedding dress color.

Filipinos are known to be faithful people and that is evident to Beverly and Theodore. They took their vows in front of God, promising their everlasting commitment to each other and be an inspiration of faith to other people. As the wedding day came to place for Beverly and Theodore, St. Anthony Church in Hamilton, New Jersey was filled with their family and friends, happily journeying with the couple. It’s like the whole Filipino Community was there and it’s more like the wedding was happening in the Philippines. It was a wonderful day for everyone.

The reception was held in The Hamilton Manor located in Hamilton, New Jersey. Everyone was enjoying the night, dancing, and rejoicing for the newlywed. The Filipino spirit was much alive. Definitely, the preparation that took a lot of months was worth it.


From Best Friends to Married Couple

Searching for “the one” is certainly one of the hardest thing in the world to do. It’s human nature to crave having someone to care for you, to have someone take makes you feel that you matter, someone who will make you feel loved. We spend most of our lives in the search for that someone and sometimes we make wrong decisions. Some people rush in to love, falling in love so easily with sweet talks and sugarcoated gestures, then most of the times, they get heartbroken. Sometimes, you just need to be sensitive because you may not know that person is just around the corner or that person is your best friend.

Marrying your best friend is like winning a lottery. Just look at Kristen and Dylan.

Marrying your best friend means you’ll be spending your whole life with someone you accepts you for who you are and who you are not.

Marrying your best friend means you do not have restrains in being quirky or throwing jokes. You are totally happy with that person.

Marrying your best friend means you have the person whom you trust the most, aside from your parents, even before you are married. It means that you can comfortably share what you’ve been through the day and there is openness with each other.

Marrying your best friend means you are assured of their love for you. You and your best friend have been through a lot and you never left each other. You understand one another. Those are the foundation of a strong relationship.

And it won’t be complete without your family and friends who surely had a role to play on how you ended up with each other. You might owe them with their teases. Sure bet that how they were supportive before you get married, they are that supportive in your marriage and beyond.

Just like, Kristen and Dylan, marry your best friend and live happily ever after.

The Awe-inspiring Barn Wedding

A barn wedding sounds like an ordinary option when choosing a wedding theme.  Some people might feel uneasy when they think of having the most memorable moment in their life be pictured with haystacks, wheats, dried land and a barn house.  Some would prefer having the wedding on conventional sites like at a castle, an estate, or a church where the decorations are limitless with expensive flowers and artistic designs. But for Cindy and Martin’s wedding, they proved that barn weddings can be uniquely beautiful.

Cindy and Martin bind their relationship in to a stronger one at a private Barn along Mountain Road, Grahamsville in New York. The scenery is fresh for the eyes because of nature’s own way of designing the view. The open field provides cool outdoor breeze and calm vibe for the couple, their family and guests to enjoy. It is surely an escape from the busy buzzing and stressful cityscape.

One advantage of having a Barn wedding is that it does not require the couple to have expensive attires. Wearing a simple white lacy wedding dress, Cindy, topped it all with her beautiful smile, looking splendidly captivating. On the other hand, Martin looks bold in his dark blue suit.

Barn weddings also give you the opportunity to be artistic. Cindy and Martin added their personal touch in their wedding by applying their creativity. The aisle was simply arranged with haystacks as chairs and an arc covered in vines.

Because barn weddings are not as accessible as weddings that take place in the city, only the family, close relatives and friends are most likely to be the only ones attending. This creates an intimate atmosphere and tighter bond for the family. Not to mention, it is cost-friendly to have fewer guests.

The reception was made simple yet memorable. Long wooden tables and foldable chairs were used, creating an intimate moment with their families and guests. Fire crackers, loud modern country music and a bonfire was lit. It opened every hearts as their families, relatives and friends jive to it. Everything was awe-inspiring.

A Love to last a Lifetime

Allyson and Jason’s love story makes anyone who is not in a relationship to rush in finding their perfect pair and soon to be husband or wife. Having someone to hold your hand while conquering the realities of the world is one of the sweetest blessing God will ever give to you.

At Bryant Park in New York City, Allyson and Jason happily walked their way as if they are the only person in existence. Their hands were clutched, eyes locked looking at each other not bothering anyone around, and their hearts full of love and affection.

The wedding ceremony happened at the events ground of Bryant Park Grill located in Brooklyn, New York. With bright lights to guide their path towards to the center of the aisle and flowers were beautifully arrange to brighten the aesthetics of the ceremony. It was modern at the same time elegantly designed.

The whole wedding scene captivates each and everyone’s eyes. Allyson looked very beautiful and young as she walked her way down the aisle to meet her groom wearing her lacy white sheath wedding dress designed with petal details. Jason, matched his bride wearing a classic black and white suit with a button tie and a white flower boutonniére that matches her bride’s bouquet.

Many of both families, relatives and close friends came with all of their joyous wishes and blessings for Allyson and Jason. They enjoyed the different elements that the venue has provided them; the carousel nearby, the lovely exteriors of the buildings with vines crawling on its walls and the cozy atmosphere of the reception.

It was a day of fulfillment and enthusiasm. Love can fix your eyes to look in a new perspective, love can make you not bother any negativity that people might throw you and love can especially make you do things fearlessly, now that you have someone to conquer with.