Wedding at the Botanic Gardens, Nature and its Magnificence

Who say’s garden weddings are too dull and monochromatic? That’s not the case in Grace & Yoon’s Botanical Garden Themed Wedding. The cool outdoor breeze and calm vibe of the place will surely captivate the hearts of the guest and the couple as well.

Elegant lines and horizontal patterns, that’s the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Osborne Garden) in Brooklyn, New York renders. Graces’ merged corset bodice-tiered skirt wedding gown radiantly shines through the woods, reflecting the vivid contrast of the forest and subtle colors of the shrubs and bushes, the magnificent allure that the garden offers greatly complimented the grandeur of the bride.

Coupled with Yoon’s firm yet resolute countenance, thanks to his finely tapered black suit and the resonating feeling of his affection towards the bride captures the beauty of the nature.

A love and respect flows throughout the botanic garden, a vivid scenery of intimacy and warmth.

The wedding vows exchanged in the warmth of the sun and vibrant feel of the soothing outdoor garden, the couple and guest surely felt blest, the tranquil scenery and family values of the couple lifted up the hearts entwined as one. Together they became united, forever in the solemn rite of marriage.

Reception followed at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Atrium) where the modern Korean traditions came to life, with the customary wedding apparels of the family are welcomed with the bright lights of the ballroom and the simple yet lovely set-up of the tables.

The botanic Gardens in Brooklyn greatly enhanced the term “beauty in simplicity”, Grace & Yoon’s Wedding defines endless tradition in a modern adaptation. Indeed, this Botanic Garden Wedding theme exemplify the brilliance in the clichéd garden themes and presented the glorious Botanic Garden and its magnificence.

Leonard’s Palazzo, Italian Inspired Wedding Palace

Italian Inspired Palatial Wedding is one of the sought after wedding theme for young couples who fancy a venue that displays exquisite glamour and feel of the Victorian era combined with modern garden plaza sceneries and splendor.

Lori & Richard’s Italian Palatial inspired wedding is one of the prime example of such refined taste of sophistication and detail that transpired both old world edifice and new world artistry.

Lori & Richard’s Italian Palatial inspired wedding offers an open garden wedding ceremony at the gardens of Leonard’s Palazzo located at Great Neck, New York that offers a clear view of the sky and the feel of crisp air in the late afternoon.

Nothing makes for a perfect all floral set-up than within nature itself, with live trees, shrubs and, if you are lucky, maybe even some birds and butterflies. Reception followed inside Leonard’s Palazzo.

Leonard’s Palazzo represents the absolute peak in opulence and luxury, located on Long Island’s fabled North Shore, it is a triumph of dazzling Old World architecture and exhilarating New World innovations and delights which is perfect for any special occasion that deserves nothing less than the grandest of things. Impeccably planned, exquisitely tendered like sketches of a fantasy.

Indoor Victorian Architecture passionately resonates to the whole interior of the palazzo, with its lavishly elegant staircases, glittering great assortment of chandeliers and various crystal-made decorations, the rich color of the place and dazzling flicker of the warm illumination makes the whole event gloriously beautiful and graciously memorable.

Indeed, Lori & Richard’s Italian Palatial inspired wedding at Leonard’s Palazzo is a definitely a triumphant preference for an elegant blast-from-the-past Victorian Era Wedding venue. A captivating and wonderful experience that can never be forgotten.


Garden in a Park, a Perfect Picturesque of Love

Melissa & Graham’s Garden Wedding excites the inner most creative perception that is stilled within us, the garden scenery captivates our personal disposition in landscape and in freedom. Combined with the vibrant colors of the garden vista and the brilliant symmetry of architecture, lines and motion, these in effect creates an enchanted attraction that makes the mind entranced in a verdant surrounding filled with eye-catching foliage and architectural brilliance.

Featured is the Untermyer Park, Walled Garden in New York, it is one of the leading public park in the country when it comes to aesthetic beauty and elegance.

It offers a perfect landscape view of a walled garden, perfect symmetry of lines and art in the garden vista and the vast vibrant colors of various plants and shrubberies. It also offers a different approach to landscape architecture with its unique “rock garden” and “sundial garden” attractions.

The temple of love stands firm and tall, reflecting the love and devotion of Melissa & Graham, the pillars of the temple symbolizes strength and stability, a bridge between heaven and earth that connects the eternal resolution of the couple.

Virtuous and lovely, the evident attributes that is shown in Melissa’s String lined silk wedding Dress complimented with a long-veil tiara, perfectly matched with the Finely-Tapered Suit of Graham.

Both are exemplary lovely together. Paired with the shadows of the sun reflecting the hues of the Park, this Garden Wedding in the Park definitely hit the warm heart and soft spirit of the family and guests.

The reception commenced in the Night Of Joy Bar in Brooklyn, celebrating the union of the couple with sweet music and a valiant toast for a blissful life filled with joy and love and best future in the days to come.

In more ways than one, Melissa & Graham’s Garden in a Park Wedding exemplifies in both wisdom and love, choosing for the better part a sensation of gratitude and appreciation for nature and its bounty that in its abundance may share its blessing to them and to their posterity through time and eternity.  The love that binds unity and solidarity.






Terrace on the Park, Indoor and Garden Venue Turned into One


At first glance, Caitlin & Sean’s Wedding seems a little too simple from the standpoint of extravagant garden wedding, but that is not the case here. The Terrace on the Park in Flushing, New York offers more than that. It gives you the feeling of a garden wedding held in an indoor location.

The Terrace on the Park offers literally a park, but at its core is a magnificent building that has been serving the new Yorkers for more than 30 years, lush outdoor garden landscape with very beautiful sceneries perfect for wedding occasions, large ballroom indoor that accommodates almost anything that a wedding reception needs, personal suites for guest and a great view of the New York skyline. This surely is a place noteworthy of being one of the best wedding events venue in New York.

Caitlin & Sean’s Wedding started with the picturesque landscape of Terrace on the Park, with its wide array of architectural landscape scenes, bright rays of the sun and fresh breeze from the east, everything went from well to gracious perfection.

The Wedding ceremony was held indoors, with their large ballroom halls solely for wedding purposes, the drama of the lights that reflects throughout the room radiates the solemn and holy vows that the couple are going to take.

With each lines a blessing, with each touch a hope. A hope that strengthen the bonds and dreams of the matrimonial ceremony, turning each of them whole, becoming as one with God and each witnesses.

The pleasant atmosphere of the evening reception made the event more memorable, dancing through the night are the awe inspiring music, jiving through the rhythm and blues, giving life to the stage giving warmth and excitement, coupled with the perfect harmony of the garden, the night sky and the splendor of the couple.

Caitlin & Sean’s Wedding takes the theme of the Garden Wedding and changed its forms to better suit the common preference of the upcoming generation, combining outdoor productivity with an outdoor functionality.

Liberty House, The Perfect Wedding Venue

Jaci & Ryan’s Wedding theme is starkly one of the creative one I have yet to see, from the captivating background scenes and pure contrast and lovely strand of the old scenery. This combination of past-to-present vibe is pleasing to the eyes and very desirable to behold. Complimented by the spacious area of the train station, Jaci & Ryan’s pre-wed shots are exquisitely well done!

Past-to-present Wedding Themes are among the most chosen themes of the recent years, from the mesmerizing effect of the old buildings and machineries blended with the new concepts of art and photography, the results are aesthetically profound and magical. It creates the effect of being into the world but not of the world.

The Liberty House in Jersey City hosted the Jaci & Ryan’s special event. The place is very beautiful, surreal, unbelievably satisfying to behold. This place is sure provide each guest and family the WOW effect tenfold. Even I am stunned to see the magnificence and elegance of the place.

The Liberty House offers the total package a weeding has to offer, from wondrous hand crafted decoration, very convenient geographical location that offers a magnificent Manhattan skyline view, great lighting effects, very spacious ballroom and function hall, immense back garden and in-house farm-to-table cuisine and many more. This place surely intensifies the vibe of a wedding, turning it from spectacular to remarkably outstanding.

Elegantly beautiful, that’s what is shown in Jaci’s String lined wedding Dress with subtle yet sophisticated laced designs complimented with her simple yet unmistakably gorgeous short veil, matched with the Finely-Tapered Suit of Ryan. These couple conforms time and turns eternity into reality. A perfect match in a perfect place, an endless harmony of love and devotion united by time and a bright prospect for the future.

Jaci & Ryan’s Wedding is literally an unforgettable moment, from the dramatic exchanges of vows to the warm arrangements of the wedding reception. The Liberty House in Jersey City held its reputation for a place of beauty, a place of solitude, a place of fun, love, laughter and entertainment. The picturesque nature of the place takes the wedding reception into new heights, making it one of the best memories that changes the couple’s lives forever.

Different Values, United by Love

Vivian & Saleh’s Wedding is not your typical day-to-day wedding, by God’s Grace and the love of their family, these couple enjoined different circumstances gathered into one. Peaked into their hearts the unity and trust, provided by Our Lady of Rosary Chapel, Poughkeepsie, NY surely sets their precious moment truly remarkable and a sight to behold.

Our Lady of Rosary Chapel, built by hands the stone to adore, such as the couple who stands to implore. These elegant stone structure highlighted the Wedding Day of Vivian & Saleh. The surrounding natural light provided by the ambiance of the woodlands bespectacled the vision of the couples’ eternity into total harmony. By the walls of this church hewed to withhold the test of time emanates their vows made to last.

People usually find it too cliché to have a church wedding, but few recognizes that that is how it should be. Abiding God’s Blessings, these couple have tied the knot in a common yet extraordinary fashion. Vivian & Saleh have chosen that good part, a test of faith, a spirit of love.

There is beauty all around, that’s what is shown in Vivian’s String lined wedding Dress with subtle yet sophisticated laced designs complimented with her elegant flower diadem, matched with the Finely-Tapered Suit of Saleh.

Together, they conform ethnicities and proved that love conquers all adversities. Truly a match made in heaven.

The reception that followed provided by VIP Country Club, New Rochelle, NY had the crowd stunned. With dramatic elements paired with spectacular lights and set-up, the wedding surely unified the family of the couple. The floor entrails entertainment and courtesy which were enjoyed and loved by the friend and families of the couple.

Vivian & Saleh’s Wedding proved that love knows no bound, it can unify hearts, harmonize values and develop a love that conquered all odds.



Garden Wedding, A New Approach to Nature

Sue & Henry’s Garden Wedding captivates the fresh scenery of nature, the vivid greenery, the freshest flowers, and of course, that precious natural light that flows all throughout the place. It appeals mostly for those who want natural yet elegant colors, vibrant and overwhelmingly soothing to the eyes.

Garden Weddings are becoming an exquisite choice for couples who seeks serene moments with each other, resonating the tranquil scenery to the crowd with its austere calm vibe that lets you feel one with nature, a calm oneness that reveres the essence of unity and trust that envelops the vows made by Sue & Henry. A love which flows through the light and shadow of the natural vibe of the venue.

A common difficulty among couples who are trying to choose and select a Garden Wedding venue as their choice of location is they might feel it to be too normal, too plain or too common. But that is not what is shown in Sue & Henry’s Garden Wedding. It elegantly expresses the charisma of the groom and the allure of the bride with the spectacular combination of natural sunlight with the warm shadow of the green lush vegetation embodied with the hues and color of nature.

Elegance in simplicity, that’s what is shown in Sue’s String lined wedding Dress with subtle yet sophisticated laced designs, matched with the Finely-Tapered Suit of Henry.

Both are perfectly suited together. Paired with the shoreline scene and cool breeze of the sea, this Garden Wedding Reception surely wins the aesthetic mind of the guest.

The warm light of the evening reception took the event on a whole new level, dazzling through the night are the open area setting with a feel of pleasure and excitement, polished with the perfect harmony of the garden, the sea and the grandeur of the couple.

Sue & Henry’s Wedding shook the common derailments of the Garden Wedding skeptics and changed the norms for such Wedding Venue Preference.









Mansion Wedding at Its Finest

We all dream of getting married someday. We’ve often build a lot of concepts in our mind on how we want it to happen. Wedding destinations, themes and various details are piling inside our head ready to be pulled up when needed. After all, all of these information will contribute in making your wedding the finest of them all.

When it comes to having the finest wedding, Marlena and Anthony definitely had one fine wedding at Glen Cove Mansion.

Mansion weddings are becoming a real treat for couples who are planning to get married in a royal kind of way without necessarily breaking their bank accounts. The fine structure of the mansions gives your wedding place a grand look fit for royalty.

Just take it from Marlena who looked exquisitely elegant while walking down the carpeted stairs of Glen Cove Mansion. Every corner of the mansion is worthy to be photographed, effortlessly making your wedding photos so beautiful.

Aside from the benefit of having your wedding at its finest, the comfort that it offers is totally remarkable. Both couples had their wedding preparation done inside the mansion. They no longer have to rent a place so they could dress up or suit up nor get stress out in making sure that they get on their wedding on time from their homes. Since these Mansions that caters to weddings offer plenty of rooms, you can already have an overnight stay to totally feel relaxed and happy on your wedding day.

Not only thus their wedding reception looked so classy, their outdoor wedding ceremony totally emits a royal vibe. It occurred just within the premised of Glen Cove Mansion where an abundant grass lawn could be found. It looks so classic to look at. The altar with a wood and flower theme that was creatively made for them was definitely breathtaking.

To sum it all up, mansion weddings are definitely a must for couples who wants an elegant yet convenient wedding day at its finest.

White Wedding for a Love So Pure

There’s a reason why wedding bridal gowns are usually in white. Yes, it looks good and makes everyone have that refreshing glow when they’re in white but it is because white symbolizes purity, innocence and spirituality- a characteristic that every bride must have to truly be the perfect bride. Still having a pure white themed wedding is on a different level.

It only shows how much true love are being given and reciprocated with each other. A love that is pure, innocent and spiritual. It is the kind of love that everyone must have, just like Gina and David.

Gina and David’s wedding at Woodbury Jewish Center in New York was definitely beautiful. It shows how elegant white is when used in a classic way. The white roses were all so beautiful it complimented the beauty of our bride Gina. She looked so majestic on her white bridal gown with dreamy lace details.

The reception had white decorations and white flower center pieces. Everything had a white touch on it but it wasn’t over the top.

Truly, white themed weddings are the best because of how aesthetically pleasing they are to look at. But remember that it isn’t the color theme that would make your wedding look so beautiful. Yes, it does contribute a lot but it will always be the couple that would make any wedding perfect. Judging by Gina and David’s look, their wedding was definitely a success because of how much they love each other.

Just a tip for those who are opting for a color themed wedding, make sure that you don’t go over the top with your color choices. Make sure that it still look elegant and that it doesn’t come as exaggerated. So, if you want something classy, a white wedding theme is definitely for you.

Wedding Destination Where Nature and Indoor Collides

We all love a good dose of nature on our wedding day. There’s just something so magical with having your photos taken on a place that you know was created by the hands of God.

But although, we love nature so much, there are unprecedented events that could happen when you opt to have your wedding reception on the great outdoor so it is still a wide decision to have an indoor wedding reception. The dilemma for this is that it is quite difficult to find a place that would offer both. Luckily, Janet and Gilbert’s wedding showed us a place where you can get a taste of nature and have an indoor reception at the same in New York.

The Village Club at Lake Success, Great Neck, New York has such a wonderful view to offer. The lake provided a great outdoor shoot for the couple that showed the nature loving side of them. Being surrounded by luscious trees were also perfect for the couple that they looked like they were both just strolling somewhere in the wilderness when in fact they were still inside the vicinity of the Village Club that also offered an indoor reception area.

The indoor reception area also had a touch of nature trough their great centre pieces. It was such a cosy reception filled with fun and love without worrying from uncontrollable events yet still having to enjoy such great view.

No matter how perfect Janet and Gilbert’s wedding was, there was one uncontrollable event that they weren’t able to foresee- a rainbow appeared on their wedding day and it was the most beautiful unprecedented event that you could hope for.

Truly, Village Club at Lake Success, Great Neck, New York is a wedding destination for all of those couples who loves nature but doesn’t want to take risk against the uncontrollable weather. So make sure to learn from Janet and Gilbert’s wedding and opt for a wedding destination where nature and indoor collides.