An Intimate Indoor Wedding in Brooklyn

Finding a nice indoor wedding venue can somehow seem to be a daunting task for anyone who lives in Brooklyn. It’s not that there’s a shortage of it but because every indoor venue almost look like the same- an empty space that is needed to be decorated to look more different from the other weddings.

Deity wedding venue provided a unique structure d building that didn’t need too much decoration to make your wedding look nice. Because of this, Rachel and Alexander’s wedding was definitely a stand out when it comes to indoor weddings. Not only did they made it effortlessly unique but they totally owned their wedding theme despite it happening in an indoor space that could only accommodate just enough guest. It was definitely a very intimate occasion.


They were able to incorporate how a daily life in Brooklyn looks like- crossing the streets and showcasing the exquisite look of their buildings and houses. The wedding venue which is Deity was really impeccable with its classic red brick walls.

They wedding looked like it was happening inside someone’s cozy home. You can really feel the warmth of the couple’s love in every picture taken. Being surrounded by their closest family and friends inside a cozy venue really brought out the warmth of the couple’s love. Everyone had a warm smile on their faces.

So go ahead and include an indoor wedding venue on your wedding musts list! All you have to do is to find an indoor wedding venue that you can relate to. Something that you are comfortable enough but doesn’t ruin your wedding theme. Make it as intimate as possible so that you can really feel how precious your wedding day is. Just like Rachel and Alexander’s intimate indoor wedding in Brooklyn, you too can have that warm and cozy feel on your wedding day!

A Classic Romantic Wedding


Everything about Ira and Gian Carlo’s wedding was so classic. From the light pink and white combination of her bouquet of roses up to the bride’s lacy wedding gown, everything was so classic and romantic.


The groom’s tuxedo was in a gray shade that matches the whole pastel looking theme of the wedding. The Crystal Plaza also offer a wedding garden venue that has white wooden chairs that just complete the classic theme. Not to mention the Victorian looking gazebo with pastel looking flowers and leafy vines draping around it just gives a romantic touch to it.

The wedding ceremony was simple yet classy, the reception however was extremely exceptional. It was still classic and romantic but in a more extravagant way. The venue looked like it was used as a hall in a palace were ball events were used to be held. It had the structure of a room in a palace and yet the minimalist, pastel with a classic touch look was not overpowered.


Their cake was a four layered cake that was classic with pastel colored roses as a design. Everything was well put together which made it a perfect classic and romantic wedding.

The couple was indeed very classy on their own kind of way. Their movements were all so elegantly executed that every picture of them taken, whether they were on the move or not, looked so perfect.


Every cliché posing of newly wedded couples were done and yet they made it their own which makes it not cliché at all. Of all the perfect pictures of the couple, it was their moments in front of their guest during their reception that really stood out.

During those moments, they were standing beside each other with their arms around them and fog was accumulating on their feet, which made an impact to me. It looked so classic and romantic as if the heaven went down for such lovely couple.

Wedding Venue That Felt Like Home

Each photo taken showed nothing but pure bliss. Not a single person present that day was able to remove the smile on his or her face. It was a celebration done intimately with the closest people for the bride and the groom. Their family and closest friends who were not timid to show that they too were having fun made the happiness complete. Just like, Samantha and Jonathan who were not afraid of showing their goofiness and cool dance moves.



The couple were both simple and fun in the most adorable way that you can really see in an instant that they were really a match. They were able to find a home at each other’s arms. Which is why it is not a surprise that they chose a wedding venue that also felt like home to the both of them.


Madison Hotel has this homey feeling that no one can deny. It’s like a home away from home. It was low key extravagant but still it had that ambiance that offers nothing but comfort. The wedding area were extremely wonderful. With glass walls, you have the outdoor view to serve as your wonderful backdrop. They had all the necessary equipment for a wedding yet they were able to make it look like it was effortless. Like they have lived their entire life inside the Madison Hotel. The decoration and all were all simple and classy, not to remove that home-like feels. That’s how homey their wedding venue is.

One of the most important thing to remember is that no matter how homey your wedding venue is, the people around you and that person you’ll say your vow to on that day would make your wedding day feels like home. It’s not on the venue, although it really helps a lot, that made Samantha and Jonathan’s wedding felt like home. It was their love for each other that made it felt like home.

Tunnel Garden for Your Wedding Day


Garden weddings are a common wedding destination for couples who doesn’t want a traditional church wedding. There’s just something refreshing on having it done outside with all the greenery surrounding you. Aside from the beautiful plants in a garden, you can take your garden wedding into a whole new level just like Diana and Chris’ wedding.

Aside from the common arrangement of garden wedding venues, what really stood out was the tunnel garden that was available at the Tuscan Garden Snug Harbor, New York. Who would have thought that something so exquisite would be found in a garden somewhere in New York City?

A tunnel garden, as implied on its name is a collection of plants formed in a way that resembles a tunnel. There’s something majestic when your pictures are taken when you’re inside that tunnel garden. It’s like all of the sudden, you are transported in an enchanted place and you, the bride is the queen of that enchanted forest. While your groom, is patiently waiting for you at the end of that tunnel. This tunnel garden would really bring out the love from any couple.

Truly, the Tuscan garden is one of the most recommended garden in Snug Harbor. There are so many reason for you to choose it as your next wedding destination. It has a perfect landscape. It can accommodate up to 250 guest. It has a great reception area with grand buildings with great architecture. Plus, it’s like you’ve been to Florence since it was modeled after Villa Gamberaia.

If you ever go for a garden wedding, choose Tuscan garden just like what Diana and Chris did. You will not be disappointed with the tunnel garden that it can offer. It’s the perfect add on for anyone’s dream garden wedding because of how it was designed to commemorate your momentous occasion.


How to Make IG-worthy Pictures of Your Wedding Day


If it’s not in picture, it didn’t happen. This is the reason why social media is something that people are currently addicted with. They have this platform to document everything that is going on with their lives. Instagram is one of the most popular social media nowadays because of its feature wherein all you have to do is post pictures to document your life. Wedding days are definitely not an exemption.

Mary and Michael’s wedding pictures definitely had IG worthy pictures worth of a thousand hearts because of how creative the shots are. Here are some tips on how to make your weddings pictures IG-worthy based on their wedding shots:

Choose a creative wedding location

The couple chose Adler Planetarium as their wedding venue and reception as the same time because of its iconic view of Chicago. It has a one of a kind waterfront view and breath taking cityscapes that are great for your wedding pictures and are greatly astounding in real life.


Look for places that is important to the both of you

You can go to places that are important for the both of you. Like the first movie theatre that you went to or that certain street you first bumped into each other. Look for places that have meaning for the both of you and it would definitely show into your pictures.






Take unconventional shots

This is where your photographer’s skills would be needed. You can use that bridge or that polished floor’s reflection to make a creative shot that are different from the usual wedding pictures.

Take shots of movements

Creatively photographed movements just make your picture more alive. Either you show how much you had fun on your wedding day through a photographed dance or how much you love each other through a kiss.

Always keep it real

Despite making an effort to make your pictures turn out wonderful, you should always keep it real. There’s nothing more dismaying that awkward looking pictures. No matter how creative the pictures are, if the couple are not comfortable with it, it will always show in the pictures.

Just take note of these tips and you may have IG-worthy pictures like Mark and Michael’s wedding pictures.

Feeling like A Royalty on Your Wedding Day




With the bride’s stunning wedding gown in trumpet silhouette and the groom’s classic tuxedo, the couple looked like a power duo in a royal magazine.

From the prepping time, the couple emitted a certain kind of a royalty vibe. No, they didn’t have to spend a gazillion amount of money, but the way that they put classiness on certain details just make Ann and TJ’s wedding fit for a royalty.

The bride did all the preparation at her home but mind you, the robes that they customized were fit for a princess. The groom, however opt to do his preparation in a hotel no less than the Marriott Hotel.

The wedding itself that happened at St. James Roman Catholic Church remained solemn and private, just the way that a royalty would want to. They’ve exchanged vows in front of the people closest to them and inside the house of God, like every royalty would have done.



Aside from everything that has been mentioned, the real proof that Ann and TJ’s wedding is really fit for a royalty is their reception. The Venetian is such a perfect place if you want to make your wedding reception look like a royal couple just got married. The outdoor lawn looks exactly like it copied the royal family’s backyard. Not to mention their garden that looked so classy in every angle. Wherever you lay your eyes on can be a place worthy of a picture to commemorate your wedding day with a royal vibe.


Last but definitely not the least, the reception hall at the Venetian looked like it’s used for a royal ball. The stairs looked like princes and princesses walked down on it. The white painted walls with classic architectural designs look so perfect for a royal wedding.


With all of these, Ann and TJ’s wedding does fit the royal books without even trying so hard just like their love for each other.


A Love Rising Above the City Life

Manhattan is known for its busy and fast paced Financial District. Everyone is just so always on the go and noisy while trying to make a living every day. Although there are some people who are well accustomed to the hustle and bustle of a city life, there are actually some instances wherein you just want to escape from it.


Most especially during some important occasions you want to truly treasure without having the memory of a yellow cab ruining everything- an occasion such as your wedding day. Would you believe that you can experience an outdoor garden wedding within the metropolis of Manhattan? Mimi and Maurice’s wedding last August 12, 2017 have shown the beauty of finding a secluded garden within a busy city.

Surrounded by gigantic buildings, a very generous amount of meadow was spread over a make-shift garden on top of a building. It showed one acre park that is more than enough to cater a solemn wedding.  No wonder, this garden was called The Elevated Acre. It was an oasis conveniently elevated above the city streets. It had beautiful plants that made it look like you were really on an actual garden wedding away from the city.

Being secluded made it safe from the symphony of cars honking at each other and all the unromantic sounds that the city life could offer. So, you can be sure that your wedding will stay solemn even with the city streets beneath you and the towering buildings surrounding you. Bonus part is that they get to use their view as a backdrop.

Mimi and Maurice looked so modern and minimalist on every details of their weddings. From the preparation, up to the actual wedding day, everything was just so simple yet classy. A theme that really matched The Elevated Acre. With love and the will to rise above the city life, this wedding destination is the perfect one for them.


Into the Woods They Wed

Nature at its finest just makes every scene seem so raw and majestic, just like how Gabrielle and Will’s love for each other. When they look at each other, you can’t help but notice that pure love on their eyes. Surrounded by tall and luscious trees, the couple’s love radiates like they were on their own world and you as an audience can’t help but just to be drawn to them.

As a matter of fact, they successfully made it look like they had created their own world when they decided to opt to do their wedding pictorial and venue into the woods. Every shot were taken like they just decided to drop everything and get married way deep into the woods, away from everyone. Far from all the noise of the world which makes it look more intimate and real.


With the huge trees and wild flowers, the couple looked like gorgeous elves getting married. The bride looked like she were a princess lost into the woods while the groom looked like a prince waiting to save her. Besides the couple’s outfit, the angle and shots of the camera really made a lot of difference. What makes it more interesting is that the holding area where they prepared was designed to look like one of those abandoned stoned houses that were long forgotten into the woods. Something that completed the seemingly abrupt wedding. Nonetheless, everything just looked so simple but classy.


Despite the mysterious effect of the ambiance of the woods, it was no mystery that the couple were very intimate people. They preferred to have a simple yet classic reception venue that were brightened up the presence of the people closest to their hearts. Filled with food, music and laughter, the couple just knew that they wouldn’t want to do their wedding in any other way.



Be United in the House of God

Marriage is a sacred sacrament and ideally must be done inside the church. It is not just a mere contract between two people who vows to love each other till death but a contract to God as well. A contract promising to make Him the center of their relationship as husband and wife. Michelle and Scott is one of the receding number of people who still prefer to do their wedding ceremony inside the church.

Why would they even think of not doing it inside the church if it’s in the Church of St. Francis Xavier. A Roman Catholic church that has great architecture that emits a touch of Vatican in it. You’ll truly feel the presence of His holiness during the entire wedding ceremony.

Aside from the religion and architectural factors, the accessibility of the church to almost everything just makes it the perfect choice. It is close to various hotels and reception spaces that are both beneficial for your wedding day.

You can have a booked hotel for you that you can use it as a preparation area. But choose the most convenient for you. You wouldn’t want to miss your own wedding day because of getting stuck in traffic.

Being in a church wedding, doesn’t make your wedding reception is less fun. This church is just 0.7 miles from Midtown Loft and Terrace- another perfect venue for your wedding reception.

Midtown Loft and Terrace is a perfect place for your wedding reception because of its beautiful outdoor view which shows you a unique side of the Manhattan skyline. The newly wedded couple dancing under the sun with the beautiful Manhattan buildings is such a sight you want to keep.

The indoor reception can also be beautiful with the help of their in-house production company, Midtown Loft Production. You can easily opt for a classic reception because the place suites it so well.

Truly, being united by God in the Church is something that Michelle and Scott stood for.


Stylish Way To Say “I Do” at Bronx Zoo, New York

Hunting for a unique wedding venue in New York can be tough. Gardens, parks and function hall are the most common choices for wedding venue but for those who seek for something more different, you might want to consider doing it in a zoo. Before you go thinking that never in your wildest dream would you think of turning your wedding day into a zoo day, you might want to check out first how stylish Bronx Zoo is.

Turning a zoo into a stylish wedding venue can be a little tricky since a butt scratching monkey is something that you can’t avoid to see in a zoo and it’s not really an elegant sight. But there are a lot of ways that a zoo can be stylish. Here are some things to consider in choosing the most stylish zoo for your wedding venue:


Choose a zoo that has great architecture

You need not to look for a castle to have that Beaux Arts architecture, some zoo are actually built so long ago that the buildings has its own historical touch. A classic touch that makes your wedding venue so much in style.

Choose a zoo that has a natural setting

Animals on cages aren’t just right and are extremely an eye sore to your wedding pictures. A nature setting is just so perfect to give that refreshing outdoor vibe somewhere in the city. That makeshift waterfall, rock formations and lots of trees make your venue

Choose a zoo that has an indoor reception area

We don’t want to be left unprepared for a sudden downpour and end up smelling the scent of the animals at that zoo. It just smell so much more when it’s raining. So make sure you do your reception in a covered area.

All of these things that you should consider for a stylish wedding in the zoo are what Bronx Zoo is made of. So go ahead and include this on your prospect wedding venue list and start convincing your partner to make you say “I do” in a perfect zoo wedding.