A Beautiful Minimalist Wedding in California

All eyes were on the bride as she walked towards the altar while being accompanied by two of the most important people in her life. She wore a simple bridal gown and walked on an aisle of flowers or any sort of extravagant decoration and yet she looked so breath taking.

The groom was also dashing on his gray suit with lilac tie. The couple had a classic yet refreshing take on their minimalistic wedding looks. Aside from their looks, Ceci and Dan’s entire wedding was definitely a breath of fresh air because of its minimalistic approach.

Sometimes, less means more. They definitely made their wedding look so different compared to the other weddings where they invest so much, to the point of too much, on making their wedding as extravagant as possible.

There’s nothing wrong with making your wedding as the best of the best but sometimes because of our desire to make your wedding look so great, we forget what really matters.

Something that Ceci and Dan really treasured is each other and you can clearly see that they are fully aware of what really matters on their wedding day. It’s not having an aisle decorated by flowers but being able to say their vows in front of the altar, inside of the house of God.

It’s not having a studded wedding outfit but being with the one that you love while wearing something that you are comfortable with. It’s not having an over decorated room for your wedding venue but a room filled with people that truly treasure you.

It’s not really that important to invest on trivial things. I know, wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and it is but natural to aim for the best. But if you’re standard for what is best is based on what is pleasant in the eyes of other people, then you are doing it wrong. For what really matter is how much you love each other and nothing else.

That Raw Kind of Love

As much as I love wedding photoshoots that are done in the most breathtaking way by choosing locations that are equally breathtaking, wedding shoots that depicts ordinary scenes in the most familiar scenery surely is one of my favorites. Not only does it shows the reality of how the couples are without being distracted with the less important things.

Yes, a great scenery won’t hurt but at the end of the day, it’s not about where the couples are but the couple themselves that really matters.

Hanna and Eugene’s wedding photos really depicted what it’s like to find a true love in its rawest form. Their shoot was comfortable yet it was surreal how it looked so breathtaking without needing to look for far locations. They strutted the streets of Boston, posed at Ame Boston Hotel and strolled at the park like what they would normally do on a regular day except that they were on bridal gown and tuxedo.

Their smiles looked so comfortable while they walked down the streets or how they dance on the park.

Despite it being a little harder to shoot on places with some people on it, the couple were more than willing to pose for each shot.

With this, you can see how comfortably in love they are with each other in each photo.

That’s what a raw kind of love is. A love that isn’t bound to please other people by conforming to what just look good with the eyes. As to what a famous author once said, “What is essential is invisible to the naked eye.”

So don’t let your wedding be just for a show. Do what makes you feel good and do it with feelings. Just like how Henna and Eugene had fun on every second of their wedding day. You deserve it.

Fairy Tale Wedding in Mineola, New York

We all want a Happy Ever After with the person that we love. From childhood, we are told that if we dream and believe hard enough, we can make all our dreams come true.

With the looks that the bride and groom were giving to each other on their wedding day, I can truly say that they have found their dreams coming true right before their eyes.

Grace and Taeho’s wedding was exceptionally dreamy. It will give you the feeling of royal excitement that you feel when you are reading one of your favorite story book and you get to the part where the prince and princess are finally getting married.

Everything was like a scene from a fairy tale. It was just so magical.

The bride looked like she was a Disney princess getting married to his equally dashing groom that also looked like a prince on his gorgeous tuxedo. The bridal gown was in a ball gown cut that made her look so much more royal. Her beaded headdress looked like a crown fit for a princess. The tuxedo was in an elegant black shade with the classic bow tied.   The newly wed really looked like they have found each other’s fairy tale as they stood together.

The wedding venue and reception would give you an ethereal feel with royal touches. The pink light that was used in the reception just made the venue looked more magical. Like it was showing that something magical is happening at that moment.


Everything else was classic. The structure of the place was like one of those scenes in a fairy tale where the couple dances until they fall in love. Their wedding cake had a Happy Every After design on it.

It was really a fairy tale wedding that only showed how much they would love each other even beyond their happily ever after.

Perfect Wedding for an Outgoing Couple

The first thing that comes to our mind when we prepare for our wedding, besides your groom or bride to be, is the wedding theme. There are a lot of wedding themes that have been done by now. Some are done a couple of times now and some are considered very rare.


We have wedding themes that are stylish and chic, some are royal and regal and some are simple and classic. But what really makes a wedding theme stand out is the personality. Have you heard of a Star Wars theme wedding? How about a wedding done in a library? All of these weddings were unique because of how the personalities of the couples were embedded on their wedding theme.

It’s more than obvious that Mandie and Tommy were both very outgoing. You can see how they both like sports, how they are always on the go, how they both love the sun, and how they like to keep things simple yet fun. All of these characteristics can be seen on their wedding theme. The bride all got dolled up in a sports center where they both are very comfortable with.


They chose a small church at Milwaukee for the wedding ceremony. The ceremony was attended by their closest family and friends. Their wedding reception at a yacht was just so fun. It’s different from your usual wedding reception that were a little bit too uptight.

The reception gave you the feeling of going on a trip with your loved ones, minus the fact that you are all on formal attires. You could clearly see how they just enjoy each other’s company in every frame.

Truly, the perfect wedding for an outgoing couple is to base their wedding theme with the things that they both love. Just like Mandie and Tommy’s wedding. They want things, simple, sporty and fun, so their wedding had all those elements. So don’t stress out on deciding what your wedding theme is and just follow what you want because you deserve it.




Three Easy Way To Create Different Looks On Your Wedding Day

It is but natural for a bride to have a hard time deciding what kind of look she will have on her wedding day. I mean, with all the perfect hair and outfit for a wedding day, how could you possibly settle for just one? Girls will be girls. There’s nothing wrong with that, except for some major issues that you would surely have to overcome. First, time constraint, second is going beyond your budget.

You have to take into consideration the fact that in one day, there will be so much going on. You will have your wedding ceremony, your wedding reception and a lot of wedding photos and videos in between. You can’t afford to spend so much time creating another look.


Another thing to consider is how much it could actually cost to create a lot of looks in one day. You will spend on what you’ll wear and additional cost on the labor of those who will style you.

But worry not. You can still make your dream of creating the looks you’ve always wanted on your wedding day by taking into consideration these three tips that you can get from Suzy & Frank’s wedding:

Plan your looks as practical as possible.

Suzy opted for a classic bun on her wedding ceremony to give her more of the princess look which was styled in a way that when she let her hair down, she’ll have a wavy hair styled to make her look chic on their wedding photo opp. That way it wouldn’t be too difficult to have her hair styled.

You don’t need two bridal gowns

You can make your bridal gown have two different looks by changing your hairstyle. That’s an instant update of your look in a day.

Have a dress for your wedding reception

Aside from creating another look for your wedding reception, it also provides you a chance to relax and have more fun on your wedding reception. No matter how comfy your bridal gown is, you would still need to get out of it for you to move and have fun on your day.


What Makes Country Club an Ideal Wedding Venue

Weddings are one of the most important occasion in a person’s life. If you find the one, you might actually experience it once. Yet, despite how magical or wonderful a wedding is, one thing that you can’t remove is how stressful the preparation is. This is where Sara and Brian’s wedding stood out. Although I know that it’s not really zero percent of stress but judging by their pictures, it is evident that they choose the right wedding venue that has less hassle without compromising the wedding that they dream of.

Choosing a country club is one of the most ideal wedding venue that you can think of. Not only do they provide you a vast area of greenery worth of a thousand pictures but also they have classic structures fit for a romantic couple photos.

What makes it so convenient is that you can already have rooms for you to prepare, an outdoor wedding and an indoor reception area all in one place. Just like Stonebridge Country Club in Smithtown, New York where Sara and Brian’s wedding happened.

Country Clubs usually offer everything. They can provide you a sound system for you to groove with. You can dance away all stress of wedding preparation because you got yourself someone to worry for you instead. They can also arrange the catering services.

You get to have the wedding cake of your dreams without having to search every cake shop at your place. Plus, they can have someone to decorate your entire wedding venue.

Although, they wouldn’t need too much decorating because of how aesthetic the looks of country clubs are. I mean, members of such country club doesn’t pay an annual membership fee for nothing. Right? Truly, Sara and Brian chose a country club because it is the most ideal venue you can have so you wouldn’t stress too much with the preparation and just focus on the most important thing which is getting married with that person besides you.

Get Elegant on Your Wedding Day without Breaking Your Budget

The bride was holding this simple yet classic bouquet of roses in pastel colour. She was such an elegant sight on her stunning off white with beige details wedding gown. On the other hand, the groom was dashing on his tuxedo with bow tie. When you try to scrutinize it, Mandy and William’s wedding was beautifully simple yet it came off as the one of the most elegant weddings you could ever see. There are ways to get that elegant touch on your wedding day without going beyond budget and it’s not what you quite expect.


Choose a simple gown

Simple yet elegant- that’s the look that we should aim for. It’s all about choosing the right cut and material for your body. Contrary to what we believe in, it’s not about spending millions on your gown that would make it look elegant. Like, have you seen what the royalty wore on their weddings?


Let your wedding venue do the talking

Find a place that looks elegant without even trying. The decorations and all matters but the real deal can be seen on how the place was structured on its own. Loeb Boathouse at Central Park New York was a place that we wouldn’t expect to provide an elegant touch to a wedding but it did. With its great structure-the fountain, benches, buildings and even the stairs, just make it so much more elegant.

Make your wedding reception as simple as possible

Free your wedding reception from too much decoration, opt to a more structured venue instead. The red brick and wooden structure at the Loeb Boathouse really made the reception elegant on its own way. It wasn’t the blind me with sparkles elegant but the mature kind of elegance. It provided a strong sense of sophistication that really made this wedding so beautiful.

All of these could help you have the elegant wedding that you always wanted but what really makes any wedding elegant is how the couple handle themselves during their wedding. Just like Mandy and William!





An Intimate Indoor Wedding in Brooklyn

Finding a nice indoor wedding venue can somehow seem to be a daunting task for anyone who lives in Brooklyn. It’s not that there’s a shortage of it but because every indoor venue almost look like the same- an empty space that is needed to be decorated to look more different from the other weddings.

Deity wedding venue provided a unique structure d building that didn’t need too much decoration to make your wedding look nice. Because of this, Rachel and Alexander’s wedding was definitely a stand out when it comes to indoor weddings. Not only did they made it effortlessly unique but they totally owned their wedding theme despite it happening in an indoor space that could only accommodate just enough guest. It was definitely a very intimate occasion.


They were able to incorporate how a daily life in Brooklyn looks like- crossing the streets and showcasing the exquisite look of their buildings and houses. The wedding venue which is Deity was really impeccable with its classic red brick walls.

They wedding looked like it was happening inside someone’s cozy home. You can really feel the warmth of the couple’s love in every picture taken. Being surrounded by their closest family and friends inside a cozy venue really brought out the warmth of the couple’s love. Everyone had a warm smile on their faces.

So go ahead and include an indoor wedding venue on your wedding musts list! All you have to do is to find an indoor wedding venue that you can relate to. Something that you are comfortable enough but doesn’t ruin your wedding theme. Make it as intimate as possible so that you can really feel how precious your wedding day is. Just like Rachel and Alexander’s intimate indoor wedding in Brooklyn, you too can have that warm and cozy feel on your wedding day!

A Classic Romantic Wedding


Everything about Ira and Gian Carlo’s wedding was so classic. From the light pink and white combination of her bouquet of roses up to the bride’s lacy wedding gown, everything was so classic and romantic.


The groom’s tuxedo was in a gray shade that matches the whole pastel looking theme of the wedding. The Crystal Plaza also offer a wedding garden venue that has white wooden chairs that just complete the classic theme. Not to mention the Victorian looking gazebo with pastel looking flowers and leafy vines draping around it just gives a romantic touch to it.

The wedding ceremony was simple yet classy, the reception however was extremely exceptional. It was still classic and romantic but in a more extravagant way. The venue looked like it was used as a hall in a palace were ball events were used to be held. It had the structure of a room in a palace and yet the minimalist, pastel with a classic touch look was not overpowered.


Their cake was a four layered cake that was classic with pastel colored roses as a design. Everything was well put together which made it a perfect classic and romantic wedding.

The couple was indeed very classy on their own kind of way. Their movements were all so elegantly executed that every picture of them taken, whether they were on the move or not, looked so perfect.


Every cliché posing of newly wedded couples were done and yet they made it their own which makes it not cliché at all. Of all the perfect pictures of the couple, it was their moments in front of their guest during their reception that really stood out.

During those moments, they were standing beside each other with their arms around them and fog was accumulating on their feet, which made an impact to me. It looked so classic and romantic as if the heaven went down for such lovely couple.

Wedding Venue That Felt Like Home

Each photo taken showed nothing but pure bliss. Not a single person present that day was able to remove the smile on his or her face. It was a celebration done intimately with the closest people for the bride and the groom. Their family and closest friends who were not timid to show that they too were having fun made the happiness complete. Just like, Samantha and Jonathan who were not afraid of showing their goofiness and cool dance moves.



The couple were both simple and fun in the most adorable way that you can really see in an instant that they were really a match. They were able to find a home at each other’s arms. Which is why it is not a surprise that they chose a wedding venue that also felt like home to the both of them.


Madison Hotel has this homey feeling that no one can deny. It’s like a home away from home. It was low key extravagant but still it had that ambiance that offers nothing but comfort. The wedding area were extremely wonderful. With glass walls, you have the outdoor view to serve as your wonderful backdrop. They had all the necessary equipment for a wedding yet they were able to make it look like it was effortless. Like they have lived their entire life inside the Madison Hotel. The decoration and all were all simple and classy, not to remove that home-like feels. That’s how homey their wedding venue is.

One of the most important thing to remember is that no matter how homey your wedding venue is, the people around you and that person you’ll say your vow to on that day would make your wedding day feels like home. It’s not on the venue, although it really helps a lot, that made Samantha and Jonathan’s wedding felt like home. It was their love for each other that made it felt like home.