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Concrete Jungle, Concrete Wedding

In a city where bustling cars rode from everywhere, people walk from here and there, city lights brightly dancing in the wide skyline of your office, and there is this someone you cannot wait to go home with. Someone who can make you feel like you are not tired through the day because of the warm embrace he/she gives you.

Love is the kind of feeling that encapsulates you from the noise of the outside, and love has been the anchor that connects Michelle and Andrew. Their love for each other has reached its peak and it’s ready to take the leap as husband and wife.

The wedding ceremony of Michelle and Andrew happened at the event grounds of the Waterside Restaurant and Catering located in North Bergen, New Jersey. The aisle center was beautifully designed with different pastel colored roses. Roses symbolizes love, compassion, admiration and desire towards the person you are giving them, all of these components reflects on how Andrew offered it all to Michelle.

Michelle, looked vibrant and beautiful wearing her white sheath wedding gown designed with sequins while her groom, Andrew, matched her looking young and happy in his dark blue suit with a bowtie and boutonniére to top it all.

At the reception hall of Waterside Restaurant, families, relatives and friends filled the room with hearts full of excitement and hope for Michelle and Andrew. Roses of different colors of purple, pink and whites were placed all over, giving out elegance and attraction for the guests to see.

The crowd danced along with the bright colors that was lit inside the hall, smiles and laughter were all over the place, and it was a sign of joy that what has yet to come. So cheers, to the new husband and wife! Cheers for the love that God has given to us, so full, that it overflowed to be shared with our loved ones! Cheers for true love!

What It Means to Love

7 billion people living in this world and I am so blessed because I have found the pair of hands that perfectly fits in the spaces of mine. I was a man looking for someone to get through the nights of longingness to hold, to kiss and to love.

Until, you, my love, came in to my life. God heard my prayers and answered it, then He gave me you.

When you walk down the aisle with your dad, wearing that stunning wedding dress with your very beautiful smile, I saw nothing more than seeing my future with you, Lane.

And I whispered to myself, I am blessed because of you. In front of our families and friends and God as our witness of our love, I declare my love for you.

I vow that I will always be at your side, to laugh with you in the brightest of days, and to cry with you in the darkest days of what is yet to give to us from this universe.

I vow that I will accept any flaw that you have, because when I marry you I’m accepting who you are and who you are not.

I vow to always make you smile, to remind you always that you are everything that I want. And I want to give everything to you, because you have given me everything that you are.

I am excited to share this chapter with you, thinking about how thankful I am that your family and mine has entrusted us with each other. I am grateful for everyone who cheered and greeted us with luck as we walk towards our new life as husband and wife.

It was a day for us to celebrate the love that we have shared to our loved ones and closest of friends. I love you, Lane. I want nothing more than to give my very best in every second of my life as your husband. Love, Brett.


Heart Collides at Crest Hollow Country Club, Woodbury

It takes a special reason for someone to smile, a special feeling, a special contact that is felt between the eyes of the beholder. Shira found hers summed up into one and that is, Elahd. With just one blink of an eye, a lifetime of feeling and a series of happiness started.

Their euphoric wedding was held at the garden grounds of of the Crest Hollow Country Club located in Woodbury, New York. The venue was beautiful. The grounds was spacious, the flowers were blooming and the setup of shining chandeliers and white laces was a mesmerizing. Everything was in harmony.

It was a momentous scenario under the blue skies, shared by families, relatives and friends as they witness Shila and Elahd’s love grew in to another chapter as husband and wife.

Shila bloomed with pure radiance and beauty in her classic white wedding gown holding her bouquet with a combinaton of colors of blue and purple flowers. Elahd treasured his tradition wearing his kippah, while looking handsome in his manly dark blue suit with a cute boutonniére that matches his bride’s bouquet.

And as the pastor announces the legality of their marriage, Elahd breaks the glass that indicates of their commitment to stand by each other in all of the storms that is yet for them to tackle as husband and wife. There was no sign of any negative vibe that day, it was all happiness, it was all love that mattered & overflowed from one person to another.

The Crest Hollow Country Club’s dining hall was lit with bright colors of purple and gold all together. The guests were all in smiles and laughter all night.

Love surely did its best not to just combine two people in to one, but also united each and everyone.


Home In Your Love

Isn’t it quite fascinating as you can imagine meeting someone who could completely appreciate and admire you for who you are and who you are not? It’s one of the most amazing feeling in the world to fall in love with that person and to have that person fall in love with you too.

Zenaida and Hafiez’s love story make you believe that people don’t meet by accident and that they are meant to cross the same path for a reason. They make you believe in destiny.

Their wedding ceremony was held at the grand ballroom hall of The Fountainhead located in New Rochelle, New York City. Everything in the venue was in place. The ballroom hall was lit with bright lights, the table settings were gorgeous and the stage was fabulous. It was perfectly planned for Zenaida and Hafiez’s important day.

Treasuring their family’s traditions, Zenaida and Hafiez wore their traditional wedding dresses during the wedding ceremony. It was a mixture of a modern wedding yet it keeps the Hindu tradition intact in to one.

Zenaida, wore a beautiful red Lehenga with golden imprints and a regal headpiece that matches her wedding dress. And as a part of their tradition, her body was tattooed with mehndi.

Hafiez on the other hand wore his Sherwani designed with gold and a blue stash. Together, they look like a prince and a princess.

Families of both sides, relatives and close friend really enjoyed celebrating the love of Zenaida and Hafiez with dancing and clinking their glasses as they wish the newlyweds with luck and prayers.

It really is not a problem going home, when your home is already in front of you, alive, slowly breathing, looking vibrant, glowing and is ready to venture everything with you. “I have found my home in you.”


Love in the City that Never Sleeps

How lovely it is to find love in a place where thousands of people move from one place to another. But there comes this one day, when a certain stranger stares at you in a distant, not knowing no each other and then suddenly time moves slowly, hours gone by and by the minute you wake up, you fondly found yourself lost in love.

Jennifer & Grant’s lovestory started and will continue to another chapter in New York City. Their urban-themed wedding and reception was held at the Haven’s Kitchen in New York, New York City. The establishment even features an open bar where guests can get some drinks while they wait for the ceremony.

The wedding hall was pleasantly bright. The interior design and even the chairs was in all white. Classic flowers of whites and greens filled the wedding hall creating a vibe of elegance and simplicity. The holistic view of everything is a perfect combination that depicts peace and sincerity.

Families, relatives and close friends gathered to witness the wedding ceremony of Jennifer & Grant. Happiness were all over the place. Jennifer bloomed as she stood beside her groom beautifully wearing a simple yet radiant white linen wedding gown. As her groom, Grant wears a classic gray suite with a white flower boutonnière that matches her bride’s bouquet.

The Haven’s Kitchen specially prepared a dining hall with three long tables for the guests to share providing an intimate moment for them. It is a unique way for families & close friends to bond with each other.

In choosing where to have your wedding, it is not important to have a lavishly designed ceremony location nor an overly extravagant reception. What’s important is to feel joy, love and unity of the occasion like Jennifer and Grant’s wedding.

In a city that do not sleep, Jennifer and Grant began another chapter of their lives with hands lock with each other as they walk together in a parallel journey as husband and wife.


Love Latched in a Yacht

Magdelena’s afternoon started with lots of nervous enthusiasm. It was the day all have been waiting for and she wanted all to be in place. As they wait, the bride and the bridesmaid have had some time for themselves to chill, chit – chat, and have a bits of laughter.

As the day goes by, Magdelena can’t help but to think that she is finally getting married. For Magdelena, it was the most perfect day in her life. No wonder that she is radiant in her wedding gown with intricate details that made her stunning.

Robert, on the other hand, was a confident stylish lad in his chic silver suit. He was a standout from his own entourage.

Together, they are picture – perfect. They are meant to be latched to each other.

Magdelena walks down the aisle with a genuine smile and a tight grip on her father’s hand. Her groom looked nervous as ever while waiting in front for her. Everyone was on their seats, witnessing an exceptional moment for Magdelena and Robert. At the end of the ceremony, they threw a huge round of applause as they are now pronounced husband and wife.

The wedding ceremony and the reception was held at Larchmont Yacht Club in Larchmont, New York. The waterfront view made it seem more romantic and the aerial shot of the newly wed encircled by the entourage was a hit.

The reception was simply designed but looked splendid nonetheless. The night was full of fun, laughter, great food, and drinks and dancing. Live musicians serenade the couple for their first dance. Their families and friends were all pleased at how the event started and how it ended.

Robert once again yachted Magdelena’s heart by a kiss on top of her head with the stars as their witness.

Love Above All Circumstances

As soon as I prepare myself for the wedding, I just can’t help myself but to smile of everything that is happening. Thinking back few years ago, I never thought that this day would come. But I believe that what’s constant in life is change and this is the change I’m ultimately happy with.

Just like any circumstances given to us by life, I am ready to face this phase head-on. I am confident. Because I know that I have someone who I can depend on; my love of my life, my husband, Jonathan George.

In life, there’s no particular insights about what’s going to happen. But it’s within ourselves to choose and decide on how we enjoy our journey and overcome challenges. One reason I am fearless is because I know I’m marrying someone who has deep faith in God. That’s all that matters. Bonus points goes to his charm and handsomeness.

And the journey was made easier with our family and friends by our side.

We choose to say “I do” at Arumdaun Presbyterian Church, New York because it is where my heart felt at ease. It is but right to say our vows in front of God who made everything possible.

My excitement grew more as I saw my loved ones with ecstatic expressions plastered on their faces. They were happy because I AM HAPPY. Everything was so special; the ceremony, the place, the people and just everything. This day may be typical to other people but for me, this is the best.

We proceeded to the reception area at East Wind Long Island with enormous smiles on our faces. Greeted by our family and friends, we continued to celebrate. Everything went smoothly according to plan and without a doubt, it will continue to flow that way because we entrust our lives to Him. Our love for Him will never fail, and His love for us will never fade.

Loving above all circumstances, Maryanne Joshua

Contentment, an Ingredient for Marriage

Contentment is one of the most important thing when it comes to marriage. It is not only being satisfied but it is the feeling of overjoy and safety with the one you are committing your whole life with. It is said that when you see this feeling through the eyes of a man and a woman, they are meant to be.

Claudia and Jeffrey’s wedding was held at The Atlantica Yacht, Chelsea Piers, New York. The location itself is satisfying especially it gives you a view of the Statue of Liberty; perfect for a special event like Claudia and Jeffrey’s wedding.

Their wedding was simple yet classy complemented by the black and white attire of the guests as well as the bride and groom. Orchids were used instead of the usual flowers such as roses and tulips which adds up to the magnificence of the wedding.

As the wedding commence, emotions start to rise. The scene was truly heart-warming, causing tears of pure bliss. Every person was moved. This marks as the last day of the bride and groom’s own selves and the first day to make their own as couple.

The reception screams sophistication. Every detail, from the chairs, table settings, up to the lighting, was arranged into perfection. It was indeed a very exhausting day but the energy of the crowd was consistent. Everyone was dancing and cheering as they rejoice for the union of two hearts beating as one.

The celebration was overwhelming. Satisfied looks from the crowd indicates that every bits of hard work, money, efforts, and time spent preparing are well paid off. Without a doubt, Claudia and Jeffrey’s wedding was a memorable one. It is an example of contentment of two lovers towards each other that lead to marriage. It doesn’t need to be extravagant nor should have a large crowd for it to be meaningful. It just needs to be made out of love.


A Deeply Rooted Love

Diana & Jason’s wedding had a backyard kind of wedding theme. With the ceremony happening outside, the white bleachers and just the right amount of flowers used as decorations made it look like a no stress wedding ceremony. Scarsdale Woman’s Club, Rowsley Estate was just the right place for that kind of vibe. The vibe was definitely a breath of fresh new air.

The reception happened indoor. With a minimalist kind of venue, it was so just so lively and fun. Everyone was smiling, laughing and moving on that dance floor.

Their family and friend definitely knew how to had fun, which is really important. The couple wasn’t after glamming up their wedding ceremony and reception venue. They were more focused on being in the moment during that day which was more than evident on how they can’t keep their eyes off each other.

Aside from the couple’s non-stop display of affection, one thing that really caught our attention is this huge tree that was at the back of the couple while they were getting married. It was so perfectly situated that it felt surreal. It was like a symbol of a deeply rooted love that the couple will forever have.

Consider having something as a symbol for your wedding day. It is something that would make you remember your wedding day over and over again. Like Diana & Jason’s wedding, they will definitely remember the day that they got married every time that they will see that tree. It will serve as a memento of their love for each other which they can go back to every now and then.

You too can have something like that. It can be on various forms. May it be an architecture, a landmark or in this case, a deeply rooted tree to symbolize your love for each other.

Better Together in a Beach Wedding

Many young girls have been dreaming of having their wedding be held in a beach. It’s like if ever there was a fairy tale by the sea, a Beach Wedding would be it. Without a doubt, Emily & JT’s wedding in Crescent Beach Club, Bayville, New York is one fairy tale by the sea indeed.

One huge advantage of having your wedding in a beach setup is the instant atmosphere and exquisite look that beaches provide. Even the most lavishly decorated venue will not have a match to a warm, welcoming view of a beach wedding like Emily & JT’s.

The solitude feels of the location provide intimate moments and privacy for the couple and for their family which gives them a reason to spend more time which each other. True enough, Emily & JT created a shared experience for everyone at their memorable wedding.

Emily wore a classic white ballgown wedding dress, with her hair laid out fixed with curls. It matches her groom, JT, who wears navy blue tuxedo and white linen polo shirt. A perfect combination of colors that blended well to the ambiance of the place.

Emily & JT’s wedding is a break-away from the traditional church wedding where added their own personal touch and funk to the event. Happiness overflowed all throughout that day as they celebrate the joining of two hearts.

John couldn’t help not to hide his euphoric feelings as he lifts his fist while kissing Emily. Beach balls were being thrown in the air as everyone cheers for the newlyweds in their first steps towards their new chapter of love.

Complementing the theme, the reception in the Crescent Beach Club was of colors white and blue from lighting, table setting to the cake. A view that gave a pleasant vibe as they continue celebrating the night.

One thing is for sure that their love for each other is as big and as wide as the ocean; a love that has made them inseparable just like the waves kisses the sea shores.